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Choose the good answer and put it in the sentences of the text. Possibly there are numerous answers for a sentence :
colors - tundra buggies - Saguenay - Lawrence - cold season - dangerous - nothern lights - igloo - Hudson Bay - beluga - August and October - seals - ice - inuit

1°) The appear in the north of Canada.
2°) The the sky take when they appear are pink, green, yellow.
3°) The best period to go whale - watching is between
4°) The other animal you can watch all year around is .
5°) You can see whales in Canada at the meeting of the and the saint rivers in Quebec.
6°) The polar bears migrate at the beginning of the
7°) The polar bears migrate to
8°) They migrate there to fish from under
9°) The polar bears are very
10°) The name of the special vehicles to go bear - viewing are
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