Hello, bienvenue !

Mets dans les cases ci-dessous les verbes au préterit simple ou au présent perfect. Good luck !!!

1- you your trip to England when you in primary school ? (enjoy ; be)
- Well, I think I was too young : I homesick, I my family very much. (feel ; miss)

2- he this car before ? (drive)
- yes, he ! It is not the first time he his father's car. (take)

3- Do you know who the singer is ?
- No, I don't ; but it is the third time I this song on the radio. (hear)

4- what last night ? (happen)
- Her car and she walk home. (break down ; have to)

5- we have a very old computer at home. But up to now we any problem with it. (not have)

Réalisé par Godefroy de Montmarin et Adrien Gaudet.