Bienvenue dans la caverne ... des EXERCICES D'ANGLAIS

Vous allez affronter le terrible exercice d'anglais du WORKBOOK (tin tin tin tannnn) !!

Exprime les points communs entre les personnages suivants :
Tape le résultat puis la touche Entrée. Quand tu as fini, clique sur le bouton "Je valide"

1. Ted has taken lots of photos in Las Vegas. Mary.
2. Bob Marley composed his own songs. Jonh Lennon.
3. Steve was singing along with the music. his friend.
4. Fred wouldn't want to miss the concert. Clara.
5. My friend and I have never been abroad. my best friend.
6. Dave is a contestant in a TV programme.
He needs a lot of energy. the others.
He is trying to be the finalist. the others.
He'll never participate again. the others.
7. Quentin isn't good at maths. Mathieu.
8. Tom has already been to Egypt. Alexandre