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Tape le résultat puis la touche Entrée. Quand tu as fini, clique sur le bouton "Je valide".

Construis des phrases brèves exprimant la similitude :

Exemple: I visited New-York last year. So did I.
I didn't visited New-York. Neither did I.
1- I don't know how deep the Grand Canyon is.
2- I will go to the United States next year.
3- I wouldn't like to find a rattlesnake in my tent.
4- I've never seen a cotton field.
5- I can't remember how many boroughs there are in New York City.
6- I really enjoy visiting museums.
7- I think that gambling is a dangerous habit.
8- I found this exercise difficult.

Réalisé par Mathilde Baule et Françoise Furia.