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I) Complète les phrases en utilisant le pronom réfléchi qui convient
1) They fell down and hurt .
2) She didn't have a photo of .
3) The candidates intoduce at the beginning of the meeting.
4) The concert was great ! We really enjoyed .
5) Be careful ! Don't burn ; it's very hot !
6) Well, the story was interesting but I didn't like the style of the writer.

II) Complète les phrases en trouvant le bon verbe parmi : send, love, play, buy, see.
1) - Can you think of two people who each other very much ?
- Yes ! Romeo and Juliet.
2) We always each other presents for Christmas.
3) My dog and my cat get on well : they always with each other.
4) Do you still keep in touch with your friend from Chile?
-Sure ! We emails to each other twice a week.

fait par Guilhem et Eléonore.