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1/ The flag of the United Kingdom is known as:
[a=The Union Jack / b=The stars and tripes]

2/ Great Britain is:
[a=less populated than France / b=more populated than France / c=about as populated as France]

3/ The United Kingdom isn't composed of:
[a=England / b=Scotland / c=Whales / d=Northen Ireland / e=The Republic of Ireland]

4/ What is the population of England:
[a=40 millions /b=60 millions / c=80 millions]

5/ To get to Dover from Calais you have to cross:
[a=The North Sea / b=The English Channel / c=The Irish sea]

6/ The Duke of Normandy became King of England after defeating:
[a=The Scottish at a Hadrian's Wall / b=The Romans at bath / c=The Saxons at the battle of Hastings]

7/ Since Henri 8 British monarchs:
[a=Have belonged to the catholic Church / b=Have been Heads of the church of England]

8/ Britain was a republic with Oliver Cromwell at its head:[a=for a few years in the 16th century / b=for a few years in the 17th century / c=for a few months in the 17th century]

9/ Britain became one of the wealthiest and most powerful countries in the world under the reign of :[a=Henri 8 / b=Charles 1 / c=Queen Victoria]
Réalisé par : Lucien Naveau et Théophile Ravillion