Bienvenue à l'exercice de Marie-caroline et Clémence !!!

Complète les phrases suivantes à l'aide des mots proposés : 1939, 5, 36, awards, ceremony, nominations, 1929, 7.

Tape le résultat puis la touche Entrée.

Quand tu as fini, clique sur le bouton "Je valide" !!!!

1) Every year millions of people all over the world watch the Academy ceremony
2) Everyone is familiar with the suspense created by the system of .
3) The first Awards ceremony took place in .
4) Walt Disney holds the record of wins with Academy Awards.
5) He was presented with a full-size statuette and miniature ones.
6) On the contrary, Alfred Hitchcock was nominated times but never won any Academy Awards.
7) Now, more than 3000 people attend the .
Réalisé par Marie-Caroline Laprée et Clémence Faber.