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Complete les cases vides puis appuie sur le bouton "je valide"

Match each linking word with its translation.

and yet
de sorte que
en conséquence

complete the following sentences with whereas, so that or as a result

1)Kate Winslet's parents sent her to a theatre school her dream came true.

2)She is not supermodel-thin some journalists said she was refused roles because of her physical appearance.

3)She thinks some people who are overweight can be very happy people who are thin may sometimes feel. very unhappy.

4) Kate Winslet's was criticized by tabloids people magazine gave Brad Pitt the tittle of "the sexiest men alive".

5) Brad Pitt doesn't want people to know about him he protects his privacy as much as he can.

6)Paparazzi try to take pictures of Brad Pitt's private life his fans can know everything about him.

Réalisé par Marguerite et KItry